Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4

Welcome back! I'm glad to see you again! I have made a little progress on my quilt. Let's get to it shall we?!

Well I showed my work to my grandmother (nana) and she said I should put another petal around it. I knew my greatgrandmothers has 3 petals,but I thought mine looked fine with just two. I guess I was wrong. lol

So when we went to Walmart we found another fabric to go with it and the color to attach all the flowers together.(not my nana's favorite but it is MY quilt.)

What did I get?....

The darker purple! I love it! The fabric I got to put the flowers all together is solid black. I haven't cut any of it out yet. Joanns opens tomorrow and i'm going to look there for something to mark dark fabric. (I picked up a silver and a white pencil at Hobby Lobby Monday..but they aren't working on this dark purple.)

Now the question is do I want to keep swapping the fabric patterns around like I have been including the new darker purple fabric..
OR do I want to swap around the other two colors like in the above picture and keep the darker on the outside.

OR do I pick one way of having the colors arranged for the whole quilt?

So many questions! What would you do? I need all the help I can get. I am willing to snip these apart and redo them.

Well now that I have gotten my self even more confused about what to do I think I am going to piece some more paper hexagons and not join any more together for a while.

Have fun sewing and don't forget to let me know your reading my little blog! Have a great day!


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