Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hello and welcome to my new blog. Here I hope to track my progress of hand-sewing my first quilt. I don't know how often I will post. But I hope to do it at least once a week.

The quilt I am doing is Grandmothers Flower Garden. I purchased some paper pieces from Paradise Quilting on Etsy and got them in the mail yesterday. As soon as I was in the house I ran to my room and started on my quilt.

The fabric I am using is from Walmart. I know most quilters wouldn't get there fabric from there. But Hobby Lobby was closed that day and I wanted to get my fabric right then. I am using two different purples. As for the color that will connect everything together I am not sure yet. I am going to get that later today.

So far I have gotten 3 flowers completed. I am swapping out which fabric is in the center. I think this will give it a good over all look. Want to see?

Now since I am new to this you might notice something I did wrong or something I don't know. If so please feel free to comment at any time! I would love input.

Well that's it for now. Add me to your RSS feed and look for another entry soon. Have a wonderful day.


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